Mulch Redressing

Our landscape professionals have training and experience with applications of mulch products to the particular soils in this region. They mulch, re-mulch and maintain landscape beds in residential and business properties throughout the area. They know which mulch materials will work best in different areas and around various plantings.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is a protective covering used on beds and in other landscape areas to protect plants from weather, keep soil moist, beautify, prevent weed growth, warm up soil for early season use, conserve water and to reduce soil erosion and compaction. Mulch is also used for beautification of landscaping.

Many types of mulch products can be used. Organics, compost, rubber, plastic or gravel are just a few common mulch materials that are popular. Some are temporary due to decay, while others are long lasting. All require follow-up attention for best results.

Why is Mulch Redressing Important? 

It is incorrect to believe that once mulch has been placed onto the landscape the job is done. Proper care of mulched areas means maintaining the quality of the original materials so that they work as desired.

Since mulch is exposed to the elements of sun, wind and rain, it will deteriorate over time. Problems may also develop with unattended mulched areas. Re-mulching annually or twice a year can prevent many problems from developing. It is important that mulch be in good condition to function as intended.

Things to watch out for include:

  • Weed seed growth
  • Termites
  • Bacteria
  • Toxicity
  • Fungi
  • Other problems that are negatives for plant success

Additionally, mulches should be kept a certain distance from buildings and trees to avoid unwanted damage. Layers should not be above two inches in height for maximum effectiveness and to allow air and water to circulate.

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