Meet Our Team

Justin Cotton

Operations Manager / Partner

Justin is one of this world’s good guys, with strong helpings of creativity, fun, and basketball fanaticism (for his alma mater, the Kentucky Wildcats) thrown in for good measure.  He once dreamed of becoming an NBA star—no doubt hoping to first play college ball at Kentucky.  As that dream faded, another took its place.  He worked for a small landscape company in high school and learned that he had a love for landscape architecture. 

Today, he enjoys speaking with customers and gaining a feel for the outside environment they want to surround themselves with.  He turns their visions into reality, creating spaces that bring joy and refreshment.  This is his favorite aspect of his job.  It’s an added bonus that he gets to do this in the exciting city of Nashville.

Justin is married to Halie; the two of them whip up some of the best meals in Nashville.  (Really!)  Two dogs round out their current family.  Justin likes to paint, and he also volunteers in the children’s ministry at his church.  On the more adventurous side, he bikes on mountain trails, has been skydiving, and plans to soon fly a plane.  But he probably won’t be flying during a Kentucky basketball game.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Landscape Architecture Degree – University of Kentucky
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • US Green Building Council
  • Certified SRW Installer

Paul Thornton

Sales Business Development / Partner

Paul grew up in the Okefenokee Swamp of SE Georgia.  It was a place of poverty, and his aspiration was simply to one day be a successful businessman.  The swamp was also a fragile ecosystem, and a place of great beauty and mystery.  Paul’s interest in plant life, and an eventual degree in ornamental horticulture, were surely inspired by living in such a verdant world.

Beyond the swamp, the Georgia Bulldogs have been huge in Paul’s life.  (And by huge, I mean really, really gargantuan.)  For 15 years straight, he attended every home football game, and most of the away ones, too!  These days, he’s farther from Athens, so he mostly watches on TV.  He’s not sorry to be in Nashville, though.  Besides all of its well-known attractions, he says Nashville has the kindest people he’s ever met.

He and his wife, Jennifer, recently purchased a farm outside town.  Developing their land—and especially the gardens—has been great fun for them.  They have a variety of projects in the works.  Their 14-year-old son (their 21-year-old daughter is in college) and a “lazy, loving” cat also live on the farm. 

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Degree in Ornamental Horticulture & Golf Turf Management – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Nic Mcilroy

Account Manager

Nic is drawn by the vastness and variety of our world.  He’s been to all of the states west of the Mississippi, and most of those on the east coast.  International travel is his next goal, and he’s got a unique first stop in mind—his fiancé’s home country of Myanmar.  Balancing history and nature is one of his goals.  His fondness for museums makes travel extra-rewarding.

Nic is also fond of gardening.  This winter, he and his fiancé, Esther, grew crops like kale and spinach in a cold frame/hoop house.  Because the soil at their place is uncooperative, they’ve prepared raised beds for spring vegetables.  If you begin to suspect a horticulture degree, you are correct.  Nic got it in South Dakota, which is one of the five states he lived in before coming to Tennessee.  (The others are Colorado, California, Iowa and Arkansas.)  He is impressed by the balance of natural and urban spaces here in the Nashville area.

Nic enjoys getting to know people and problem-solving.  He strives to enhance lives by bettering the outside spaces in which we spend so many of our hours.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Horticulture Degree – Southeast Technical Institute

Randy Gillespie


Randy is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been a mechanic for landscaping companies for ten years. When asked his favorite part of working for PeachTree, Randy shared, “You are left alone to do the job you were hired for and the people are outstanding to work with!”

Randy has three grown children. In his free time, he enjoys doing odd jobs around the house, spending times with family and friends, and going fishing.


Bobby Foster

Irrigation Manager

Bobby Foster is a problem solver and with his Degree in Agricultural Business from Middle Tennessee State University he has had great opportunity here at Peachtree doing that as our Irrigation Manager. Bobby grew up working on his family’s farm and took time to watch the University of Tennessee win Games! He also volunteers for his church and likes spending time outdoors with a desire to visit Yellowstone Park someday.

Daniel Stagg

Regional Vice President South East

Daniel began working, weekends and summers, while he was still a kid in middle school. He wasn’t tossing newspapers, either; he was working cattle,  farming, felling trees, building fences, and doing other similarly challenging tasks. He was well-prepared for hard work when he reached the “real world.” Daniel (who grew up wanting to be a forest ranger) has always preferred being outside. He’s been in the landscape industry since college. His experience in the industry, his great integrity, and his easy, skilled way of dealing with others, have made him an invaluable leader.  Daniel is an avid outdoorsman and a proud husband.  He is involved with his church, and quick to give a helping hand where it’s needed.  Like many a good, native Floridian, Daniel spends fall Saturdays watching college football and yelling for the Gators.